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3D/HD Ultrasound Imaging 

3D Imaging is a 3-dimensional view of your baby. HD is the highest quality imaging available. 4D is time and movement.

3D_HD_5D Ultrasound Images

8K – Real View Enhancements

The 8K Process takes place AFTER your ultrasound appointment. You can addd this on to any 3D4D package (must be 26+ weeks) for an additional $30. You will be able to select 1 of your HD ultrasound images to be enhanced and it will be eamiled to you withing 5-9 business days.

8K Real View Images of baby

How to Prepare for your ultrasound

Just a Reminder: Be Prepared for your ultrasound. Water = better Images. Drink eight 8 ounces of water 4-5 days before your appointment. This clears the amniotic fluid and ensures there si enough fluid around baby. With a Water bottle that says Stay Hydrated next to the text.

Why is water so important??

2 HD ultrasound images. One is clear the other is not clear. Text says Same Baby after one week of water prep!

Drinking the physician recommended eight 8 ounce glasses (64 ounces) of water daily throughout your pregnancy is most important to help with the clarity of the images of your baby and will benefit the health of your pregnancy as well. Drink your water throughout the day. Not all at once. You do not need to have a full bladder. The goal is for Mommy to be very well hydrated and it is visibly obvious in the clarity of the fluid.  

If you have not been good about drinking water, start now and set your appointment ahead to allow at least 1 week of time as this often helps. You may eat before you come. Just remember you will be in a reclined or even flat position so do what is most comfortable for you. Sometimes drinking cold juice just before coming in may waken a sleeping baby so that his movement will enable us to get different angles.